Early Design Process Phase

For the most cost-effective use of our services, our involvement begins early in the design process when the project has taken shape but is not yet locked into exact dimensions, construction systems, details and materials. A concept session during the phase of programming or schematic design makes possible a much better integration of lighting with architecture that can be achieved later in the design process. Early agreement as to programmatic goals for lighting will save a great deal of time in subsequent phases.

Design Development Phase

As the project proceeds into design development, our team works with the client to produce lighting layouts, detail sketches of fixtures showing their relation to the architecture, a fixture schedule, and model or mock-up studies when required to explore or document design concepts. For us, the design development phase usually ends with a package including drawings, annotated fixture and lamp schedule, and a complete set of lighting catalog cuts.

Contract Documents Phase

During the contract documents phase, we work closely with the client to ensure that the design concepts developed are accurately, clearly and comprehensively documented and fully coordinated in order to achieve accurate pricing of the project.

Construction Phase

During construction, we check shop drawings for equipment we have specified, supervise fabrication for special designs or assemblies, and assist with focusing, punchlist, and post-occupancy evaluation.