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"He is a resource for that above-and-beyond quality If you're looking for something special, something on the creative side, if you have a focal point that you want special lighting for then I recommend Michael Sestak."

Robert McDougal | Architect

"Michael Sestak is responsive and creative in ways that make his lighting a joy to live with every day it's fun to work with Michael because he has lots of ideas, is open to new ones and pays attention to the environment rather than coming in with a preconception of what ought to be done."

Patrick Johnston | Consultant and Lobbyist

"Michael Sestak designed a lighting fixture of beige fabric for the bedroom - about four feet long and two feet wide - that complemented the room very well. It made a soft, diffused light that was perfect. I enjoyed working with him very much."

Ron Cowen | The Doric Group of Companies

"I like that there are so many different patterns - the way the light hits the sculpture and projects out. People just gasp when they see it."

Jeanne Reaves | Former President, River City Bank

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